Specialty Cakes

Decorated Sparkles Cake

You Are Covered for Every Special Moment in Your Life!

Not only do we make cakes for your wedding day, but we also make cakes for all those other big life moments.

Whether you need a cake for a gender reveal, baby shower, baptism, first birthday, or 90th birthday, you are covered for every special moment in your life. At The Cake Lady, you will choose a cake flavor, fill with three layers of filling and top it off with one flavor of frosting - making each cake unique to each event.

Some of Our Favorite Specialty Cake Designs


Custom Cupcakes

All cupcakes must be ordered in 2 dozen minimums per flavor per order.
We have three sizes of cupcakes at the bakery.

  • Mini  begins at $1.00
  • Small begins at $1.50
  • Large begins at $2.00

Cupcakes may go up in price with flavor change and added decoration.

Custom Cookies

Our cake lady chewy sugar cookie prices depend on size and decoration. Please send a photo of what you have in mind for availability and pricing.



We work side by side with you to create the cake of your dreams, whether you come in with a vision or need some design guidance.

With over 20 flavors of filling, we understand that picking flavor combinations can be a bit of a challenge, but that's why we are here to help guide you! When deciding on what your cake will be, please select one flavor of cake, three layers of filling, and one frosting.

Cartoon Theme Cake

Vanilla, Chocolate, Lavender, Orange, Lemon, Lemon Poppy Seed, Coconut, Vanilla Poppy Seed, Almond, Spice, Red Velvet, Carrot, Banana and Chocolate Guinness.

Vanilla Buttercream, Chocolate Buttercream, Espresso Buttercream, Mocha Buttercream, Caramel Buttercream, White Chocolate Buttercream, Cream Cheese-White Chocolate Buttercream, Chocolate Ganache, Coconut Buttercream, Almond Buttercream, Peanut Butter Buttercream, Hazelnut Buttercream, Raspberry Buttercream, Strawberry Buttercream, Lemon Buttercream, Pumpkin Buttercream, Rum Buttercream, Bailey's Buttercream, Maple Buttercream, Crème de Menthe Buttercream, Peppermint Buttercream, German Chocolate Filling, Key Lime Curd, Lemon Curd, Raspberry Preserves, Strawberry Preserves, Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream, Nutella Buttercream, Butterscotch Buttercream, Cookies, and Cream Buttercream.

Vanilla Buttercream, Chocolate Buttercream, White-Chocolate Buttercream, Vanilla Fondant, Chocolate Fondant, and Chocolate Ganache.

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Pricing + Info

For all pricing information for weddings and other special events in your life, please use the button below for quotes and additional information.